We offer a quality service supplying and installing both split and ducted systems to the commercial market. These systems are normally designed with multiple zones aimed at providing the most efficient and economical way of controlling your environment regardless of outside summer or winter temperatures. 

HCES can design and install a heating, air conditioning or ventilation solution for your office, apartment building or even factory. We will assess the requirements of your space to ensure the most efficient and cost-effective solution for your needs.

Commercial system design considers heat generating equipment, staff numbers and locations, people traffic, temperature disturbances due to opening doors etc. and general thermal efficiency of the floor or building. The overall aim is to lower the cost of maintaining the desired temperature in designated areas. 

An example of this could be a large office space or a factory/showroom requiring air conditioning of the office and showroom areas. The temperature control and air distribution of the open plan reception/showroom area would be quite different to that of the more enclosed back office area. 

A multi-zone layout with individual thermostats and controllers could be designed for optimum control and efficiency. It could be achieved by a multi-head split system or a fully ducted system. This type of design could be expanded to as many zones as required to provide the best solution for you. 

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